What does Pride mean to you?

A personal, reflective essay. So June has begun. The traditional month of all things queer is upon us, and there are parades to attend, celebrations to host and parties to throw! But as we go out and show some Pride, it can be important to take a step back and reflect on why we celebrate … Read moreWhat does Pride mean to you?

Eurovision: The Queer World Cup

Conchita Wurst Rose like a Phoenix to Win Eurovision 2014

In 2018, the world was transfixed as a relatively small country beat the odds to face a footballing-mammoth at the World Cup Finals in Russia. While the world gets its fix every four years, we queers are luckier that we get ours every May; it is therefore time to examine the phenomenon that is Eurovision … Read moreEurovision: The Queer World Cup

The Unicorn Files – Part 1

The Rainbow Banker As far as first impressions go, Jan de Geus certainly makes his striking. Insanely handsome (think tall, blond and rugged), incredibly intelligent (his linkedin profile lists several degrees) and at the same time approachable and quick to make people feel at ease. It may come across that I have a crush on … Read moreThe Unicorn Files – Part 1

Does LGBTQ+ Representation Matter? Ofc, but it should be about how, not just why.

A recent Guardian article on LGBTQ+ representation came out asking whether LGBTQ+ roles being played by non-queer performers is the queer equivalent of blackface – pinkface, if you will. The article examined the fact that during this awards season, a plethora of LGBTQ+ roles were dominated by non-queer actors (and I use the gender-neutral definition … Read moreDoes LGBTQ+ Representation Matter? Ofc, but it should be about how, not just why.