Queer Emancipation in The Netherlands

When you ask people what they know about The Netherlands, there is a big chance they will name ‘very tolerant of LGBT+ people’, next to ‘it’s legal to use drugs there’, ‘blunt people’ and ‘windmills’. Of course, in reality, this tolerance doesn’t go for every letter of the LGBT+ spectrum. For example, bisexuals are often … Read moreQueer Emancipation in The Netherlands

Representation: Why It’s So Important to See Ourselves in the Media

On May 18th, LUPride hosted a lecture surrounding the topic of representation and mental health. Our guest lecturer was Marie-Diane Grouchka, a psychotherapist who recently completed her training and wrote her Master’s thesis on the effects of positively-percieved representation of queer women in the media on their mental health. Marie-Diane explained the various models of … Read moreRepresentation: Why It’s So Important to See Ourselves in the Media

Guest Blog: LGBTQ and Racism

On the 17th of April, Leiden University Pride held its third lecture in their lecture series, where they shine light on a different topic within the LGBTQ+ community each time. This evening was dedicated to racism within LGBTQ+ communities. The speakers of this evening were Isjed Hussain and Fayaaz Joemmanbaks, who used their own examples … Read moreGuest Blog: LGBTQ and Racism