Recommending ‘More Than This’ by Patrick Ness

More Than This by Patrick Ness

A book by a gay for the gays This blog posts contains spoilers and triggers. It is rare that one finds a good example of representation these days, but here it is: a queer book recommendation. Representation that this previous blog post talks about. Too many queer characters these days are forced to suffer or … Read moreRecommending ‘More Than This’ by Patrick Ness

The Unicorn Files – Part 1

The Rainbow Banker As far as first impressions go, Jan de Geus certainly makes his striking. Insanely handsome (think tall, blond and rugged), incredibly intelligent (his linkedin profile lists several degrees) and at the same time approachable and quick to make people feel at ease. It may come across that I have a crush on … Read moreThe Unicorn Files – Part 1

Queer Emancipation in The Netherlands

When you ask people what they know about The Netherlands, there is a big chance they will name ‘very tolerant of LGBT+ people’, next to ‘it’s legal to use drugs there’, ‘blunt people’ and ‘windmills’. Of course, in reality, this tolerance doesn’t go for every letter of the LGBT+ spectrum. For example, bisexuals are often … Read moreQueer Emancipation in The Netherlands

Representation: Why It’s So Important to See Ourselves in the Media

On May 18th, LUPride hosted a lecture surrounding the topic of representation and mental health. Our guest lecturer was Marie-Diane Grouchka, a psychotherapist who recently completed her training and wrote her Master’s thesis on the effects of positively-percieved representation of queer women in the media on their mental health. Marie-Diane explained the various models of … Read moreRepresentation: Why It’s So Important to See Ourselves in the Media

Guest Blog: LGBTQ and Racism

On the 17th of April, Leiden University Pride held its third lecture in their lecture series, where they shine light on a different topic within the LGBTQ+ community each time. This evening was dedicated to racism within LGBTQ+ communities. The speakers of this evening were Isjed Hussain and Fayaaz Joemmanbaks, who used their own examples … Read moreGuest Blog: LGBTQ and Racism

SexPosium Program

Leiden University Pride is organizing a symposium dedicated to a discussion on through the social (mis)construction of (a)sexualities, sexual integrity and sex pleasure within the LGBTQ+ community. We will have wonderful speakers who will share their stories and talk about different topics related to a variety of issues like BDSM, female sexual pleasure, asexuality, etc. … Read moreSexPosium Program

Judaism and LGBTQ+: A Divine Spark

Yesterday evening, at the Law School building of Leiden University, LUPride, in collaboration with Amnesty International Student Group Leiden had the privilege of welcoming a chance to learn more about the interaction of Judaism and LGBTQ+ identities. Our speaker, Marianne van Praag, a Rabbi at Liberaal Joodse Gemeente Den Haag, addressed a variety of topics … Read moreJudaism and LGBTQ+: A Divine Spark

Reconciling Islamic Faith with LGBTQ+ Identities

A report by our chair, Kirsten De Mare, about the first lecture in our collaborative series with Amnesty International.  On Tuesday, March 20th, Dino Suhonic, Director of Maruf (Dutch Queer Muslims) kicked-off our collaborative lecture series with Amnesty International Student Group in a room that proved to be too small for the people interested in … Read moreReconciling Islamic Faith with LGBTQ+ Identities

LUPride Culture and Coming Out Event a Resounding Success

This past Wednesday, we held the Culture and Coming Out event to commemorate International Coming Out Day, celebrated on October 11. We had five wonderful speakers share their views and stories from various cultures and how those cultures affected their LGBTQ+ experience. The room was full, and the conversation flowed easily between the speakers and the audience. We … Read moreLUPride Culture and Coming Out Event a Resounding Success