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Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019
  • 'Queering up Courses': LGBTQ+ in Linguistics and Politics 🗣

    Time: Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019  17:00 - 19:30
    Location: Spectrumzaal, Plexus, Leiden

    This event will take place in the Spectrumzaal at Plexus.

    In our series of lectures called ‘Queering up Courses’ we will touch upon how various professors from different fields try to incorporate LGBTQ+ topics in their classes. In this small crash course, you will learn about relevant and interesting LGBT+ topics that might lie outside of your regular curriculum. For this month, we will touch upon the fields of Linguistics and Politics 

    In the first part of our lecture, professor Eduardo Vieirawill talk about the role of LGBTQ+ topics in his own field of study, which includeslinguistic policy study and sociolinguistics in Latin-America. He will showthis by using a case study of a specific group of marginalized transgenderpeople in Brazil. The second part of our lecture will be provided by professorMartijn Mos, whose focus is on LGBTQ+ rights in International Relations,specifically focused on the European Union. For this lecture, he will talkabout the disadvantaged position of many LGBTQ+ individuals and Central andEastern Europe.

    Join us for drinks at the Roze Beurs afterwards to discuss all the new things you've learned 😉 We hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, 27 Nov 2019
  • LUP + Philautia: Friendsgiving potluck 🍜

    Time: Wednesday, 27 Nov 2019  18:30 - 21:00
    Location: Common Room, Beehive Student Centre, The Hague

    Find us in the Beehive Common Room!

    As the weather grows colder, it's time for some warmth in our hearts. That's why LUP and Philautia are coming together to host a fall-themed Friendsgiving dinner! Even when you are far from home, you can still enjoy some good food and loving company with your queer family.

    Since it is a potluck dinner, we encourage you to bring your favourite dish from your country to spread the international love of good food. We kindly ask you to use this link to post the recipe of the dish in case of allergies or other food restrictions 🙂