Queer Parenting: Part 1

Why write about queer parenting? Welcome on my first post in the series about queer parenting! Why a series on this topic? It’s quite personal. I always knew I wanted to be a parent, but I found the world isn’t yet as informative and in-your-face about queer parenting as it is about the more traditional … Read moreQueer Parenting: Part 1

Non-western perspectives on gender

In Western societies, people often struggle with the concept of gender, both in and outside of the queer community. How often haven’t we heard comments like: “If you’re born female, you stay female. You can’t just CHANGE your gender…Period.” Or “What’s the dealio with gender non-conforming people? Jeez, just pick one gender.” Luckily, there’s more … Read moreNon-western perspectives on gender

The Fight Isn’t Over: European Parliament, LGBTQ+ Rights and the Pink Vote

Kirsten recently wrote a blog piece about queer emancipation in the Netherlands. The main take-away from that piece is that, while the Netherlands has come leaps and bounds in regards to LGBTQ+ tolerance and acceptance, there are still some strides to go. This also goes for other LGBTQ+ friendly states and doubly so for more … Read moreThe Fight Isn’t Over: European Parliament, LGBTQ+ Rights and the Pink Vote

The Unicorn Files – Part 1

The Rainbow Banker As far as first impressions go, Jan de Geus certainly makes his striking. Insanely handsome (think tall, blond and rugged), incredibly intelligent (his linkedin profile lists several degrees) and at the same time approachable and quick to make people feel at ease. It may come across that I have a crush on … Read moreThe Unicorn Files – Part 1